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The Amazon Takedown

Never did the financial world ever imagine that the word “Amazon” would elicit so much fear in the investor community. But this has now become a favorite pastime in the markets for the last couple of years. Amazon so much as breathes a word and the whole world shivers.
As I was driving to work today I was listening to a podcast by the “Harvard Business Review-Ideacast” where they were interviewing an author of a book “Leap”. The premise of the book was about organizations that transformed itself into completely different entities rather than adapting to competition. The idea is that adapting gets you in the catchup game while redefining your core competency makes you uncatchable. This something that is more radical than a disrupter who comes along and changes the way you do something a little bit differently, but rather somebody who does something completely different so as to make the established players completely irrelevant in the long run.
Amazon has admittedly done this in couple…

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