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The long lonely path to redemption

As a retail investor, you often find yourself on a lonely path to an investment idea. Especially if you do not participate in momentum based investing, you often find yourself standing amidst ruins of your investment thesis looking around in amazement at how far you have gone and how desolate the landscape appears.

No, I have not fallen off the wagon here and no I am not wounded by any specific investment. I simply find myself here by virtue of how different things have turned out from the way I imagined it a few months back.

I have been, like most people, looking for a correction in the markets for over 24 months now. It was easy to hold on to this thesis while everyone around you was also sufficiently skeptical of the run up in the market. But since the beginning of 2018 things have changed. The market has taken off with renewed vigor and I find my thesis amidst the ruins of unbridled optimism. I stand among the ruins with increased pessimism, wondering if I am simply being pig hea…

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