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Gardening, Investing And The Art Of Harvesting

Today I pulled out the last of my carrots from the ground, the seeds of which had been laid last fall when the days had begun to look grim. The evenings were coming in and the nights were getting overwhelming. This was an experiment of sorts. I had read that carrots can survive through winter and still be harvested in spring as long as you don’t let the ground freeze. As improbable as it might sound, the carrots did come through and not only survived but thrived in the warmth of the spring to give a full harvest.

Like anything else in life, investing, much like gardening, requires a great deal of patience, determination and self confidence. As is the case with sowing, your initial investment comes with a lot of excitement. There is hope and optimism about the choice made and a high level of conviction. Then comes the dark clouds and the dreary looking winter days or the blaze of the summer sun. The investment starts looking rather wilted and improbable. The whole venture is now under q…

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