Sprinting to success

I have been noticing that in the last few months the Sprint brand name has been popping up in several places. Wall Street Journal is one of the most obvious ones I have seen thus far. Now as most of you know, Sprint has been relegated to a very distant third in the world of mobile service providers, but there are some exciting things happening at Sprint which is worth taking notice.

Seeing the Sprint add I visited their website. I was particularly stuck by a service they offer that delivers broadband connection via a 4G network which can then translate into a hot spot in your home. I for one am sick and tired of finding bargains from Comcast and am really tired of this one provider model available to most people living in apartments. Sprint provides me an alternative to such a model. (Well, at least worth a look). They also seem to be expanding into corporate networks, providing mobile 4G service to executives on then move. All this without considering that they would be the first 4G network in the consumer space as well.

Sprint has its own problems, but at the current valuation and considering they have probably hit rock bottom in terms of subscriber loss, this might be a speculative play worth noting.


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